Flex appeal

One of the reasons I setup Mother Pukka (and started selling my family on the Internet) was to carve out more time with them. Even if that means having to wrangle a planking toddler into a buggy as a sea of blue-rinsed ladies judge on from the nearest bus stop. (#blessed). But it was also to fight for Mae’s right to work (if she chooses) after pregnancy without being discriminated against in a working world that currently does so.

Even though this slightly mad journey has meant I’ve dropped a few balls along the way (school admissions form was in late and we don’t have a school place yet. Kudos to us), I have a long-term goal of making flexible working a reality for all our kids.

If you believe in this, too, please get your company to sign up to the Working Forward pledge to stop the 54,000 women who are made redundant (or forced out of their jobs) for simply getting pregnant each year.

Let’s do more than talk about flex, baby.



Mother Pukka | Flex Appeal confetti cup